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Welcome to Angel Haven Estates Inc.

It is an inevitable fact that we grow older as the years pass by. We cannot deny the fact that as the number of years we live our lives with our loved ones may increase, the time for us to enter our retirement draws ever so near as well. For the elder members of the family who are in their retirement stage by now, having them live with us at Angel Haven Estates Inc. is a luxury only you can provide them with.

Our goal is to take care of our residents and provide them with their personal care needs. All through the many years of operation since 2001, Angel Haven Estates Inc. has geared our staff and developed our services towards providing the best quality of adult care services in a residential setting. We believe that in providing a kind of care filled with kindness, love, and compassion, we are opening an opportunity for you to live a blissful retirement life.

We want you to know more about us. Because our services are aimed towards the betterment of the standard of living of our elders, we will cater to your questions 24/7. Call us now at 206-841-1866 to ask your questions or give us suggestions to improve our services.